wake's static content management

wscm is a bash-based CMS, working with static files only, able to create and manage a website like this one easily. It manages local content and builds static HTML pages out of it. Different to other CMSes, wscm does not need any database or PHP and is 100% secure due to static files and offline editing. wscm's functions consist of two steps: Creating, editing and deleting content and building the actual web-content by uniting html and content in static html-files. There are several simple bash-scripts serving as easy to use tools for these tasks.


Create a category; write a new page; make the page to test.html; upload.

[user@lifebook wscm]$ ./newcat example
creating category example... done
[user@lifebook wscm]$ ./page example/test
//now your specified text editor will open halting the script until quit
saved as example/test
[user@lifebook wscm]$ ./mkpage example/test
making page... done
refreshing index... done
[user@lifebook wscm]$ ./sync
syncing your ftpsite...

Optional Dependencies:

Latest Changelog:

- 1.1 -
* cleaned up page and news
* added automatic uploading via sync using lftp
* mkpage now updates the index.html too
* added an adjustable news-limit
* license changed to Public Domain
This content is distributed under the Public Domain, you can do with it whatever you want.

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